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Connected Learning

Here is an interesting website (Connected Learning Alliance) explaining ‘connected learning’.


Future Of Learning

Here are two resources about the future of learning that I find very helpful:

1. 2020 Forecast: Creating the Future of Learning. Even though this was created in 2008, it hasn’t lost any of its relevance. It uses great notions like “Deserts and Oasis of Learning Geographies”. Very relevant to outline the case of ‘Educational Urbanism’.
(By Knowledgeworks Foundation & IFTF)
This is also a great resource playing with several scenarios, five drivers of change and three impact layers – people, structures and society. (You’ll have to download it from Knowledgeworks Foundation)

“We are rapidly entering a new era in which our economy, our institutions, and our societal structures –indeed, the very bedrock of our lives – are shifting at an accelerating pace. This new era promises to change learning dramatically, affecting the ways education prepares learners and the reasons individuals pursue learning in the first place.

KnowledgeWorks’ fourth comprehensive forecast on the future of learning explores provocations at the intersection three impact layers – people, structures and society – and five drivers of change.”

Learning Flows

The Institute for the Future (IFTF) came up with the notion of “Learning Flows” in a study back in 2013. I think it’s more relevant than ever.

“New technologies, work patterns, and practices are disrupting how we learn, where we learn, and what we need to learn. The definitions of teacher and student are becoming fluid, and education itself is moving out of episodic experiences in traditional institutions and their classrooms, into learning flows that course through our daily lives. People of all ages dip in and out of these flows, engaging in continuous learning channels that are contextually relevant and always available.” (IFTF)

You’ll find more guidelines to understand the concept and also research yourself here.