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Mooc for Open Source Self-Driving Car

With Udacity, Sebastian Thrun is taking moocs to the next level. It’s not only about teaching, it’s about entering a real life competition with the tech giants and car makers of the world. Build an Open Source Self Driving car! If he can gather large pools of smart brains from around the world, couldn‘t he set up a much more powerful human resource base than the car companies?



“The Big History Project”

“…We are part of a larger story. One that is still unfolding…”

History for All. 14 Billion years at your fingertips. An wonderful online educational project developed by David Christian, an Australian professor for history.

Completely free access. Extraordinary effort put in by many actors to create an online learning platform. Great visual storytelling. Teachers can use the resources in many creative ways!!

“The Big History Project is a joint effort between teachers, scholars, scientists, and their supporters to bring a multi-disciplinary approach to knowledge to lifelong learners around the world.”