Back to blogging!!! 3rd April 2017

Education, Learning, Urbanism + Digitalisation

Lots happened in my life in the last four years. Interesting projects, great travels, countless encounters and good reading.

What has remained unabated, however, is my passion for education, learning and urbanism. So, the aim of this blog remains unchanged: to share stories around the phenomenon of learning in urban regions complemented with the ‘sauce’ of theories and discourses.

We all know that key aspects of our world are changing rapidly, and that at the same time, we are confronted with an extraordinary number of global challenges: Climate change, hunger, peace, health, economy, demografic shift, education, environmental degradation, urbanisation etc etc.  Change and learning are closely connected: The need for new knowledge, new methods of problem solving and new cultures of collective learning are getting more attention in urban planning. In the last years, my conviction has grown, that new approaches in  educational planning are converging with new cultures of learning in the urban planning, hence, I will stick on to the ‘imaginary’ I created in 2011: EDUCATIONAL URBANISM”.

In the last months, however, another phenomenon has drawn my attention deeply: Digitalisation. In the meantime it has grown into a full fledged obsession. I think, besides obvious drivers such as food & water scarcity, geopolitical tensions, social polarisation etc., it will be digitalisation that will pose the most disruptive force for our civilisation and the planet at large in the 21st century. I have also come to fear that most countries of the world are completely unprepared for what is coming. And yes, I have caught myself joining in the chorus of the protagonists of the digital revolution in Silicon Valley: “It’s just the beginning…”

Looking forward to sharing new thoughts at this exciting time !

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