Sir Ken Robinson – Good workers or creative thinkers? (Visuals + Videos)

Here are two lectures of Ken Robinson on TED and and a wonderful visualization of his message on RSA. Transcripts of his TED lectures you’ll find on the TED website in a box on the right. (For more on Robinson’s core ideas see my post on Dec 25, 2010 on his notion of the ‘Element’.)                                                                         Robinson is probably the most fabled educationalist today. Millions of clicks on his TED lectures suggest this. His key message on this first lecture: We don’t get the best out of our people because “… we’ve been educated to become good workers, rather than creative thinkers.”…and what’s worse “we are educating people out of their creativity” (Quotes:TED Website). This is probably the key problem of our educational systems and the key challenge in the age of knowledge economy. Ken starts his first lecture by talking about the future. We don’t really have a clue about how the world is going to be in 5 years, yet we have to educate children for it…

This was his first appearance on TED in 2006 in Monterry, California.

…and this was his second appearance on TED in 2010:

… and this is a RSA visualization of his theories: “Changing Education Paradigms” (very entertaining!)

…and if you are interested in more, here are more links to his website, blog etc.


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